Mid-Autumn Festival is not only grapefruit! Tottori County, New Ganquan Pear, juicy and sweet, come to Taiwan to seize sweet business opportunities

The new red pear variety developed by Tottori Prefecture in Japan is a unique variety of "20th Century Pear" and "Phushui Pear". It belongs to the early jade variety. The sweetness is as high as 13~15 degrees, but there are The "20th Century Pear" is a crisp, high-quality fruit that Japan is proud

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2019【Korea Fresh Zone Korea Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Zone】Korea Fresh Direct Delivery

Last year, the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food and the AT Korea Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Food Distribution Corporation introduced Taiwan's "Korea Fresh Zone" Korea's fresh fruit and vegetable area, which was stationed in department stores and shopping malls, and expanded into the Taiwan market by "shop-in-shop". It not only

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2018【Korea Fresh Zone Korea Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Zone】Entered in JASONS Supermarket

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Foodstuffs and AT Korea Agricultural and Aquatic Food Distribution Corporation took the lead in introducing the concept of Korea's “Korea Fresh Zone” in Korea in 2018, and planned to enter the “Supermarket” to enter Taiwan's physical channel with “shop-in-shop” sales. market. In addition to direct delivery of

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